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Black Gold – Black Scorpion

George S Boughton

George S Boughton’s memoir of life in Nigeria during the 1967-1970 Biafran war, is a withering critique of corrupt governing elites. Over a million people starved to death or were killed in the fighting, yet a news vacuum meant the full extent of what went on wasn’t entirely known. Boughton has written a fascinating account of how a country torn apart by conflict became a magnet for Cold War politics.

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“A powerful analysis of how political cynicism broke the back of a nation.” Read More

Doogie and the Rollers

Sharif Aslam

Meet Doogie, the dung beetle with attitude. All that he and his crew of Rollers want is a quiet life, but that won’t happen as long as their thuggish rivals the Dwellers try to steal their precious dung supply. In a do or die situation Doogie and his gang are forced to look for a new home dodging lions, eagles and crocodiles along the way. Will Doogie find his dung filled paradise and can he shake off the Dwellers?

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“A story that will appeal to both adults and children.” Read More

Özlem’s Turkish Table

Özlem Warren

Passionate about Turkey’s rich culinary heritage, Özlem pays tribute to the diverse and vibrant cuisine of her homeland. In this collection of her favourite dishes, she celebrates her own southern Turkish roots with regional specialities from her home town of Antakya and recipes from her own family. Let Özlem take you on a gastronomic journey – to explore, learn and taste for yourself from this true melting- pot of cuisines.

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

"Turkish cookery made simple with delicious recipes everyone will enjoy." Read More

Body Holiday

Derek E Pearson

Two couples, one young the other old, swap bodies through a process called transition before taking off for what should be the holiday of a lifetime. But Milla/Franklyn/Ruth & Pearce are soon battling a sinister force that has the knack of always being one step ahead of them. Can they escape the nightmare or are they destined to remain trapped in each other’s bodies for the rest of their lives?

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“Seat gripping, high octane sci-fi drama” Read More

Galahad Suns

David Kimberley

For professional mercenary Davian Kurcher there are only two choices in his line of work: take it or leave it! So how can he refuse when a senior commander at Taurus Galahad sends him on a frantic mission across known space and beyond? Tasked with hunting down and recruiting seven of the universe’s most dangerous criminals, Kurcher soon gets embroiled in a ruthless plot to seize control. Who can he turn to when there’s nobody left to trust?

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

"David Kimberley has created a complex universe of intelligent warfare, intrigue and suspense" Read More

The Zodiac Cooks is a fascinating journey through the zodiac that explores why certain foods belong to the twelve sun-signs plus their individual cooking styles, table-settings, kitchens and food issues. Find out why radishes are ruled by Mars, apples by Venus, why Taurus loves dairy and why Gemini thrives on sushi.

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

"A delightful, fascinating book that’s jam packed with information and delicious recipes.” Read More

The Catalyst

Bradley Walker

University graduate Kurt finds it tough handling ‘adult matters’ like taxes, rent and estate agents, let alone the stress of holding conversations. So he’s totally unprepared when he wakes up to find he has developed telekinesis while his friends have incredible and life-threatening abilities. Kurt and his mates face a drastically changed world, where power is literal and only those who possess it will rule. Even worse, he still has to converse.

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“Science fiction meets dystopia in this debut novel from an electrifying literary talent.” Read More

The Ordinary

Christopher Ritchie

Who are the Ordinary and what is the flaw in humanity that makes it possible for them to survive? In the award winning sequel to House of Pigs, author Christopher Ritchie uses the benignity of the English suburbs as the backdrop from where the Ordinary hatches an evil plan to destroy mankind. Behind the neatly clipped lawns, lace edged curtains and pebble dashed house fronts is a world of rape, murder, pornography and teenage abductions.

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“A dark story full of excellent plot twists.” Read More


In Conversation with Christopher Ritchie

Award-winning horror writer Christopher Ritchie takes you into a world of fear, darkness and raw terror. In this revealing interview with Juliette Foster he explains what makes the horror genre special, how Steven King influenced his work and why he enjoys scaring people!

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Doogie and the Rollers

Sharif Aslam / October 3, 2017

Meet Doogie, the dung beetle with attitude. All that he and his crew of Rollers want is a quiet life, but that won’t happen as long as their thuggish rivals the Dwellers try to steal their precious dung supply. In a do or die situation Doogie and his gang are forced to look for a new home dodging lions, eagles and crocodiles along the way. Will Doogie find his dung filled paradise and can he shake off the Dwellers?

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“A story that will appeal to both adults and children.” Read More

Loulabub Zoolabub

Kenny Dowling / October 3, 2017

In this delightfully illustrated story Loulabub plans a visit to the zoo to look in on the monkeys, her favourite animals. On the way she meets and talks to other friendly creatures, but will she reach her destination on time? The perfect book for children aged four upwards. Written in simple rhyming language, Loulabub Zoolabub is a charming book that quickly engages the attention.

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“The perfect story for parents who want an easy bedtime read for children.”

The Cuckoo’s Daughter

Griselda Gifford / October 3, 2017

Set in eighteenth century Surrey, The Cuckoo’s Daughter is the story of 16 year old Louisa La Coast. Raised on a farm by a foster family, Louisa not only unravels the identity of her true parentage but ends up falling for the handsome Scottish soldier Godfrey MacDonald. However the course of true love rarely if ever runs smoothly and Louisa is forced to make choices that will permanently change her life. Will she find her happy ever after?

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“An engaging novel whose themes of love and belonging will appeal to both children and adults” Read More

Doogie and the Pyramid of Dungalore

Sharif Aslam / October 6, 2017

This enjoyable follow up to Doogie and the Rollers sees Doogie embarking on another action packed adventure. Having made friends with his former enemies the Dwellers, Doogie and the gang hit the road in search of the mythical Pyramid of Dungalore. They get more than they bargain for as they deal with poisonings and attacks from a vicious gang of scarab beetles. Can Doogie and his friends leave the pyramid alive?

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“A heart-warming story.” Read More

Rebecca & George’s Detective Casebook Episode 1 – The Mystery of Mossy Meadows

Leonard McQuingQuong / November 20, 2017

When Rebecca and George Richards move to a Derbyshire village, it isn’t long before strange things start to happen. With a man found dead on the common, a missing teenage boy and some scary monks on the loose, they decide to investigate the mystery themselves. But as the pieces of the puzzle come together, they find themselves facing danger. How are the murder and missing boy connected? Can Rebecca and George unravel the secrets in Mossy Meadows?

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“This new series of detective adventures is a terrific read for children aged 8-12.” Read More

Rebecca & George’s Detective Casebook 2 Pollock, the Police and the Prehistoric Pendulum of Power

Leonard McQuingQuong / January 19, 2018

When Rebecca and her brother George move to a small Derbyshire village, the plucky kids end up investigating a series of interconnected mysteries and unearthing an amazing ancient artefact with incredible power. Can they brave the danger that lurks beneath the surface? This innovative two-parter by Leonard McQuingQuong, begins a series which will see the sibling sleuths solving mysteries the world over.

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

"This series of young detective stories is witty and full of suspense. Perfect for ages 8-12."

Conkers and Grenades

Hilary Lee-Corbin / February 2, 2018

1916 and Bristol schoolboys Mars and Appy uncover a plot to assassinate the king and queen of England. Soon the youngsters find themselves caught in a world of spies and subterfuge, with an unlikely source acting as their guide. In the meantime, there’s trouble at home as food is running short while the menfolk are risking their lives fighting German troops on the front. Can Mars and Appy defeat the spies and boost the nation’s morale?

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

"A hugely enjoyable debut novel by a talented writer."
Super Structured
David Stiernholm / January 24, 2018

Information overload, diaries blocked with appointments and a congested inbox – welcome to the chaotic world of work! It’s a reality familiar to most of us but does it have to be this way? In short chapters mixed with tips and practical exercises, David Stiernholm reveals how all of us can build a working structure that wins back lost hours and makes us flexible and happier. Don’t let work get on top of you, get on top of work!

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

"31 easy to read chapters packed with helpful advice."
Woking through Time
Marion Field / October 5, 2017

Marion Field explores the history of Woking through stories and photographs. This cheerful trip down memory lane shines a light on the sort of general knowledge titbits that wouldn’t be out of place in a pub quiz. Woking is mentioned in the Doomsday Book, Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler, from the rock band The Jam were born there, while the town is home to one of the first mosques to be built in England. A delightful, easy read.

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“Marion Field’s enthusiasm for her subject comes across in every page”
Tonight The Moon Is Red
Virginia McKenna / October 3, 2017

This beautiful collection of poems by actress Virginia McKenna recalls the animals and places that have inspired her work as a wildlife campaigner. That commitment arose from her portrayal of conservationist Joy Adamson in the 1966 film Born Free. McKenna’s poetry reveals a fascination with nature coupled with a burning anger at animal exploitation. Although McKenna has witnessed much cruelty, she still believes in humanity’s innate goodness.

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“McKenna is a writer of talent and immense compassion.” Read More
The Witch’s Tears (The Witch’s Kiss Trilogy Book2)
Katherine & Elizabeth Corr / February 23, 2018

The sequel to the Witch’s Kiss sees Meredith Cooper pining over the loss of Jack, her first love, and struggling to learn the ancient spells of her ancestors. But it’s hard to remember anything with so many distractions. Older brother Leo is having a breakdown and Meredith’s grandmother is missing. Who is holding her and how is her disappearance linked to a string of mysterious deaths? This dazzling book is a great read for teenagers and adults.

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

"An excellent, well told story with dark Gothic flashes in a contemporary setting". Read More
The War of the Worlds
HG Wells / October 7, 2017

When a strange cylinder lands in the English county of Surrey, curiosity turns to fear as a race of tripod legged Martians rise from the earth to destroy everything around them with heat rays and poisonous smoke. The anonymous narrator of these events battles to keep his sanity as food shortages, a refugee crisis and the break down of law and order brings the world to the edge of collapse. Can humanity survive, or will the Martians wipe it out?

Reviewed by Juliette Foster

“An allegorical story with powerful contemporary themes.” Read More