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In Conversation with Christopher Ritchie

Award-winning horror writer Christopher Ritchie takes you into a world of fear, darkness and raw terror. In this revealing interview with Juliette Foster he explains what makes the horror genre special, how Steven King influenced his work and why he enjoys scaring people!
The Coupledom Trap is a thoughtful guide to building better, lasting relationships, and creating homes full of honesty and laughter, instead of pretence and worry. Araim asks the sort of questions that most couples probably avoid: Is it realistic to expect love to last? Does your relationship make your life fun? The book offers radical ...
4.5 rating
“A book that isn’t afraid to ask tough questions about relationships.”
War correspondents are crucial to both democracy and the right of the public to know the truth. In this fascinating, highly readable memoir Paul Moorcraft examines the impact of technology on how correspondents do their job, arguing that without them, politicians of all colours would be tempted to manipulate events with their own propaganda and ...
4.5 rating
“Moorcraft has delivered a book that’s both prescient and more than relevant to our times.”
The true story of Heather Cook, an ex-volunteer for Cats Protection who was introduced to the shadowy world of wild or feral cats, and her continuing fascination with these courageous creatures. Although feral cats are not a distinct species and look identical to their more domesticated cousins, be warned because appearances can be deceptive. A ...
4.5 rating
“A delightful book that pays tribute to the kind of cats who know how to survive on their wits.”
The McBride house stands on a Scottish island guarding over its secrets. A century ago, a young widow and her son died there, while just last year a local boy, visiting for a dare, disappeared. For Zoe Adams, newly arrived from America, the house offers a refuge from her failing marriage. But her peace is ...
4.0 rating
“A dark, creepy thriller that’s hard to put down.”
After his marriage collapses, Martyn Hope drifts to London where he joins the Olive Grove a religious community, and forms a relationship with Amelia. Gradually he becomes suspicious of the Olive Grove’s leaders, a pair of ordinary men who speak in perfect unison. Martyn’s doubts come to a head when Amelia disappears, and the search ...
4.0 rating
“An imaginative, compelling read.”
Based on real events, this is the story of how an Englishman gave up his legal career to build a hotel in Asia, only to become a victim of Mafia violence. Harassed by criminals linked to the police, he was imprisoned and then acquitted after a year in jail. After failing to rebuild his company, ...
5.0 rating
“A harrowing story of how an innocent dream was destroyed by corruption and violence.”