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In Conversation with Christopher Ritchie

Award-winning horror writer Christopher Ritchie takes you into a world of fear, darkness and raw terror. In this revealing interview with Juliette Foster he explains what makes the horror genre special, how Steven King influenced his work and why he enjoys scaring people!
At the age of 25, I’ve only very recently started reading memoirs and non-fiction in the same way that I devour fiction, and I feel as if I have plenty of catching up to do.
5.0 rating
The Rosie Project is a charming, funny and insightful read about a man who appears to have his life in perfect order apart from one thing: a romantic relationship.
5.0 rating
Stephen Chbosky’s novel is a great example of how the epistolary narrative style can be used powerfully. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is written from the perspective of Charlie, a teenage boy in his first year of high school, who’s writing to an unknown recipient, 'dear friend' as he recounts his year through these letters.
5.0 rating
Naomi Alderman's novel, The Power, is such a simple concept yet a fiercely feminist novel that makes it seem absurd that we still don't live in a world where women are treated equally to men. 
5.0 rating
A friend of mine, who had also read Normal People, said that Sally Rooney’s best-selling novel made her feel uncomfortable because the reader is so intertwined in the pain of the two central characters.
5.0 rating
The Coupledom Trap is a thoughtful guide to building better, lasting relationships, and creating homes full of honesty and laughter, instead of pretence and worry. Araim asks the sort of questions that most couples probably avoid: Is it realistic to expect love to last? Does your relationship make your life fun? The book offers radical methods for assessing the true levels of love and commitment.
4.5 rating
“A book that isn’t afraid to ask tough questions about relationships.”